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What Does Fanum Tax Mean?

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Fanum tax is a meme/term that is trending on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Many people are unaware of what it means because no context is given when its used.

For instance, a kid made a parody to the song Ecstasy by Suicidol Idol.

The parody goes like this, “Sticking out your gyatt for the Rizzler”.

Followed by “You’re so Skibidi, you’re so Fanum Tax”.

In this article, you’ll learn what does Fanum Tax mean on TikTok, where the meme originated from, and how its used.

What Does Fanum Tax Mean?

Fanum Tax is a term that originated from Fanum, a popular streamer and YouTuber.

It means that when someone is eating food near Fanum, they have to give him a portion of it.

“Fanum” refers to Fanum, the streamer/YouTuber who is famous for trying out different New York City deli foods.

“Tax” refers to the portion of food that someone has to give Fanum when they are eating near him.

There’s a popular clip of Fanum collecting a 1% food tax from Kai Cenat, another popular streamer.

In the clip, Kai took a small piece of fry and gave it to Fanum.

The nonsensical clip got over 4 million views on TikTok and over 750k likes.

Fanum is part of the AMP group along with Kai Cenat, ImDaviss, Agent 00, Duke Dennis, Walid, and Low.

At the moment, Kai has 1% tax, Duke has 15%, Chris has 50%, and Davis has 0%.

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