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What Happened to Zagreus in Hades 2?

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In Hades 2, Supergiant Games expands on the acclaimed original with an epic sequel.

Play as the immortal Princess and battle the Titan of Time with the might of Olympus.

Infuse weapons with dark sorcery, receive divine Boons from Olympian gods, and more.

Each run offers new challenges and surprises in beautifully crafted environments.

Experience a captivating blend of action and storytelling in signature Supergiant style.

In this article, you’ll learn what happened to Zagreus in Hades 2, where did he go, whether he’s dead, and more explained.

What Happened to Zagreus in Hades 2?

In Hades 2, the early access release provides information on Zagreus’ fate.

A flashback scene reveals that Zagreus has been captured and frozen in time by Chronos (alongside Hades and Persephone).

This is shown through a moment where you’ll briefly control Hades and witness Zagreus being trapped in the underworld.

But what happened to Zagreus in Hades 2 and did he die after being trapped?

Although Zagreus is frozen, it’s confirmed that he, along with the others, did not die.

This development sets the stage for a storyline and adds depth to the game’s narrative.

This leaves players eager to know more about Zagreus’ plight as the game progresses.

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