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What is Kagura Bachi? Manga, Meme, and Author

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Kagura Bachi is a manga series that started serialization on September 19, 2023.

The manga went viral on the internet, getting millions of views on TikTok, X, and other platforms.

The synopsis of the manga is about a young boy named Chihiro who trains with his swordsmith father.

However, tragedy strikes one day and Chihiro and his blade now lives for revenge.

In this article, you’ll learn what is Kagura Bachi, why is it so popular, the manga, meme, author, Morbius relation, and more.

Kagura Bachi manga

Kagura Bachi

Chapter 1 of the Kagura Bachi manga was uploaded online on 17 September 2023.

The manga has three main characters including Chihiro Rokuhira, Kunishige Rokuhira, and Shiba.

Chihiro Rokuhira is the protagonist of the series while Kunishige Rokuhira is his father.

On the other hand, Shiba is an old friend of Kunishige Rokuhira, who is resourceful and great in combat.

Kagura Bachi meme

In a nutshell, Kagura Bachi became a meme because people were overhyping it ironically, similar to the Morbius movie.

The meme is about making exaggerated claims about how good the manga is.

People were even naming it as one of The Big Three series (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece).

Many Twitter/X users started spreading misinformation and memes about the manga, getting hundreds of thousands of impressions.

User @newworldartur edited a Wikipedia page of the list of best-selling manga and placed Kagura Bachi on top.

User @CJDLuffy shared the author’s reaction to the Manga’s success, which is clearly fake.

Kagura Bachi author

The author of Kagura Bachi is Takeru Hokazono, who was recognized after winning the top prize for Enten.

After that, he published Enten and Farewell! Cherry Boy! in the Spring 2021 issue of Jump GIGA magazine.

In 2022, he made a comeback with Madogiwa de Amu (15 pages) and Roku no Meiyaku.

In 2023, Takeru went viral after he released his new Manga series, Kagurabachi.

On Twitter, he goes by @8rQu0DnYjkr1LUC and his bio translates to “I read it as Hozono Takeru. I’m trying to draw comics as much as I can”.

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