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What is NewFuku and Why You Should Try it

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Do you want to change the background of your photos without spending hours editing them in Photoshop? If so, then NewFuku is a fantastic solution to help you get the desired look for any of your photographs.

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Take to Anywhere Using AI for Everyone.

With its simple and intuitive interface, this powerful photo editor makes it easy for anyone to make perfect background swaps without prior experience.

In this post, we’ll go over all the features offered by this remarkable software and why it may be worth trying out if you’re considering ways to edit your picture backgrounds quickly and painlessly.

What is NewFuku?

NewFuku is an innovative photo editor that leverages the power of AI to revolutionize your photos. Imagine snapping a selfie on a beach and being able to change the background to a breathtaking cityscape during sunset—in seconds.

This platform is designed to simplify changing backgrounds in your photos, eliminating the need for technical skills. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a casual selfie snapper, NewFuku enables you to create stunning images with unique backgrounds effortlessly.

It’s more than just a photo editor—it’s your ticket to creating perfect images without the complexities typically associated with photo editing.

Who Created NewFuku?

The creators of NewFuku are a team of passionate designers, developers, and AI experts who share a common goal: to make photo editing as simple as possible.

They understand that not everyone has the time or technical skills to edit photos manually, so they have designed this user-friendly platform for people of all levels.

Their dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of NewFuku, from its sleek and intuitive interface to its powerful AI technology.

With their expertise and commitment to enhancing the user experience, you can expect nothing less than exceptional results when using this software.

Why Should You Try NewFuku?

If you’re still sitting on the fence about trying NewFuku, here are five compelling reasons that might help you make up your mind:

  • Easy to Use: No more fumbling around with complex tools or spending hours understanding software. NewFuku’s intuitive user interface is designed to make photo editing a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Time-Efficient: Who has time to edit backgrounds manually in this fast-paced world? NewFuku’s AI-powered editing tools save you time, allowing you to create stunning images in seconds.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: With unlimited possibilities for background swaps, NewFuku becomes a playground for your creativity. Express your unique style and vision in your photos.
  • High-Quality Outcomes: Despite its ease of use, it doesn’t compromise quality. You get professional-grade results every time, making your photos stand out.
  • Affordable Solution: Unlike many professional photo editing tools, this platform offers powerful features at an affordable price, making professional photo editing accessible to everyone.

Use Cases of NewFuku

You might wonder where you can apply NewFuku’s power daily. Well, the possibilities are almost limitless! Here are five typical use cases that might resonate with you:

  • Social Media Enthusiasts: Are you an Instagram lover or a Facebook fanatic always looking for creative ways to make your posts stand out? With this platofrm, you can easily swap out dull backgrounds for vibrant, eye-catching sceneries, making your social media posts the talk of your followers.
  • E-commerce Sellers: Do you sell products online? Show your merchandise in different settings without leaving your home. With NewFuku, you can change the background of your product photos to any scenario you desire, enhancing the appeal of your products and potentially increasing conversions.
  • Real Estate Agents: Are you looking to showcase your properties in the best possible light? Replace gloomy skies with a clear blue one or sunset, making your listings more attractive and inviting.
  • Graphic Designers: Need to create a compelling visual for a client but lack the perfect backdrop? No problem! NewFuku allows you to easily switch backgrounds, helping you deliver stunning graphics quickly and efficiently.
  • Bloggers and Content Creators: Making an engaging blog post or YouTube thumbnail? With this platform, you can transport yourself to any location, real or imagined, making your content more exciting and relatable to your audience. 

Best Features of NewFuku

Let’s delve into some of the standout features of NewFuku that genuinely set it apart from other photo editing tools in the market. These features enhance usability and convenience and always ensure stunning, professional-grade results.

AI Background Swaps

One key feature that makes NewFuku a gem is its AI-powered background swap. This feature uses advanced artificial intelligence to replace the existing background of your photo with a new one. The AI ensures the swap is seamless, making it seem like the new background was the original one.

Customizable Options

NewFuku allows you to customize your photos to your heart’s content. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more with editing tools. Whether you want to add filters, apply effects, or make color corrections, NewFuku has covered you.

Realistic Results

Despite the ease and speed of editing, the platform does not compromise on quality. You get realistic results every time, thanks to NewFuku’s intricate processing. The software ensures the lighting, shadows, and textures match the new background, creating a convincing and professional-looking image.

NewFuku Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

NewFuku offers two pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: Starts at US$7.99/month
  • Standard Plan: Starts at US$14.99/month
  • Premium Plan: Starts at US$19.99/month

NewFuku Pros and Cons

Before you decide to use NewFuku, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this photo editing software. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • It is intuitive and easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned users.
  • The AI-based features like background swap save users a lot of time and effort while ensuring professional-grade results.
  • A broad range of editing tools and options allows for extensive customization.
  • The platform delivers high-quality, realistic-looking outcomes.
  • Affordable pricing


  • No free version
  • Limited features compared to other tools
  • For professional photographers or graphic designers, the software might lack some advanced editing features found in other specialized tools.
  • Some users reported limited background options.

Starts at $7.99/month (basic plan)

NewFuku Possible Alternatives

While NewFuku offers a unique blend of features and affordability, knowing the available alternatives is always good. Here are four potential alternatives that you might want to consider:


Fotor is a well-known online photo editing tool with several powerful features, including photo effects, filters, and design templates. It offers a free basic version, but a premium upgrade is required for full functionality.

Lama Cleaner

Lama Cleaner is a new entrant in photo editing, but it’s gaining attention for its simplicity and effectiveness. It offers basic image clean-up features and is particularly good for quick edits and touch-ups. However, it may lack the advanced features provided by more established platforms. specializes in removing backgrounds from images with a simple click. It’s highly efficient for e-commerce sellers and marketers who frequently need to remove or change photo backgrounds. But it might not be the best fit for those looking for comprehensive photo editing features.


Pixlr is a robust cloud-based image editing tool that offers advanced features similar to desktop applications. It has an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of tools for fine-tuning images. Nonetheless, there might be a slight learning curve for beginners.

My Experience Using NewFuku

I played with NewFuku for a few weeks, testing its features on various projects. For the most part, it’s great.

The AI-powered background swap is my favorite feature – it delivers professional-grade results far beyond my Photoshop skills. The tool’s usability is impressive, with a straightforward interface that even a newbie like me could navigate easily.

However, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. The lack of a free version is a significant downer for those who can’t commit to a monthly subscription.

Another thing that bugged me was the limited background options – sure, they have a decent collection, but it could be more extensive.


What Types of Images Can I Edit with NewFuku?

The platform supports a wide range of image types, making it a versatile tool for photo editing.

Whether working with JPEGs, PNGs, or even RAW files, NewFuku’s advanced editing features allow you to effortlessly enhance and retouch your photos. However, for best results, high-resolution images are recommended.

Can I Use NewFuku on Different Devices?

Yes, it is a web-based tool compatible with various devices. With your smartphone or tablet, you can use it on your desktop, laptop, or even on-the-go. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser.

This flexibility makes it convenient for users who may need to edit photos while away from their primary workstation.

How Does NewFuku Work?

It operates using advanced AI technology. The software utilizes complex algorithms to analyze and edit images, allowing quick and accurate results. It also uses machine learning to continuously improve its performance, making it a reliable tool for all your photo editing needs.

Wrapping Up: Is NewFuku Worth it?

NewFuku is an exciting solution for anyone seeking user-friendly and reliable photo editing software. It’s versatile, intuitive, and produces professional-grade results without needing you to be a Photoshop pro.

Its affordability and features make it a dependable ally for beginners and seasoned users. Whether you’re a marketer, a blogger, or someone who loves perfecting their photos, this platform is worth trying.

Ready to elevate your photo editing game? Don’t wait! Take advantage of NewFuku’s impressive suite of tools and capabilities today!

Start your journey with NewFuku and experience the seamless world of AI-powered photo editing first-hand!