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What is Zipy and Why You Should Try it

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Are you looking for a comprehensive software solution to help you understand user behaviors while monitoring errors?

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Analyze Users, Monitor Errors, and Drive Product Adoption.

Do you want a practical, easy way to drive product adoption among your users? Then look no further than Zipy – the powerful and intuitive dashboard explicitly designed to support data analytics.

With Zipy, gain access to in-depth user insights, deep analysis of collected data, and detailed tracking & reporting tools. In this review, we’ll explain what the platform offers and explore why it should be part of your product strategy arsenal today!

What is Zipy?

Zipy is a sophisticated digital experience platform that empowers businesses to analyze users’ habits and monitor real-time errors.

This comprehensive product analytics tool endeavors to augment your offering by understanding how users interact with your product, thereby shaping a more user-centric design.

With this platform, you can drill down into users’ behaviors and watch their journey unfold, helping to identify both opportunities for growth and points of friction.

It bridges the gap between product teams and users, offering meaningful insights that can shape a more engaging and efficient user experience. And why does it matter? Because understanding your users is the key to helping them flourish with your product. It is your most reliable ally in crafting a stellar product strategy.

Who Created Zipy?

Anton Goldshtein, the founder of Zipy

Zipy was the brainchild of Anton Goldshtein, a visionary in user analytics and product strategy. Anton’s goal has always been clear and straightforward: to help people understand their users better.

He believes in empowering businesses to unlock their full potential through data-driven insights. Anton and his team at Zipy have stuck unwaveringly to this goal, creating a platform that makes complex user data understandable and actionable.

They are committed to helping businesses deepen their understanding of user behaviors, enabling them to create products that genuinely cater to their users’ needs.

Why Should You Try Zipy?

Zipy is more than just a tool; it’s your ultimate product strategy partner. Here’s why:

  1. Effortless Data Collection: Imagine accessing your website’s user interactions without the hassle of writing a single line of code. That’s Zipy for you. It automatically collects all user interactions, freeing you from manual data collection.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: With Zipy, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to understand users’ behaviors. Its intuitive dashboard makes it easy to navigate through comprehensive data. For instance, you can easily see if users are bouncing off your site after reaching the checkout page, helping you identify potential roadblocks.
  3. Real-time Error Monitoring: The digital world moves at the speed of light, and so does Zipy. It captures and reports errors in real-time, allowing you to nip any potential issues before they escalate. Think of it like having a personal bodyguard for your product, always alert and ready to act.
  4. Tailored Recommendations: Zipy goes beyond mere data presentation. It offers tailored suggestions based on data trends, helping you make informed decisions. Suppose you notice a drop in your app’s usage during weekends. For example, the platform could suggest implementing weekend-specific promotions to boost engagement.
  5. Excellent Customer Support: Zipy’s team values its customers and provides top-notch customer service. If you’re stuck or need help, their competent team is just a call or an email away. It’s like having a reliable friend who’s always there to help when you need it most.

Use Cases of Zipy

Now that we’ve covered Zipy and how it can aid your business, let’s delve into some practical use cases. These scenarios provide a glimpse into the platform’s versatility and how it can be utilized to improve your product strategy and user understanding.

  1. Product Launch Analysis: Say you’ve recently launched a new feature on your app. The platform lets you monitor how users respond to it in real time. Understand whether users are interacting with the new feature as anticipated or encountering any stumbling blocks, enabling you to fine-tune the feature as required.
  2. Customer Journey Mapping: By using this platform, you can uncover the paths users take through your website or app. Suppose you own an e-commerce store. In that case, you can visualize the route from product discovery to checkout, identifying bottlenecks causing cart abandonment and improving the shopping experience.
  3. Performance Monitoring: Imagine managing a website with a high traffic volume. Zipy helps you monitor your site’s performance under various loads, alerting you if any part of your site is underperforming or causing delays, thereby ensuring a smooth user experience at all times.
  4. Sales Funnel Optimization: If you’re running an online course platform, the software lets you understand where potential students drop off in the sign-up process. By identifying these friction points, you can work to streamline the process, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  5. User Retention Analysis: With this platform, you can assess user behaviors over time and identify patterns affecting user retention. For instance, if you notice that users are uninstalling your app after a specific update, you can dive deeper into the data to understand why and make the necessary tweaks to retain your user base.

Best Features of Zipy

Zipy’s robustness lies in its many features that enhance user understanding and facilitate seamless product strategy. Below, we highlight four key features that make Zipy a game-changing tool in your product strategy arsenal.

Error Debugging

Error Debugging in Zipy empowers you to locate and remedy issues that may hamper user experience proactively. With real-time error notifications, you can rapidly intervene and rectify, ensuring a smooth user journey.

Network Logs

Zipy’s Network Logs provide a detailed view of your product’s network requests and responses. This transparency lets you promptly identify and resolve network issues, ensuring optimal product performance.

Filters & Search

The Filters & Search feature allows you to sift through vast data efficiently. Applying specific filters or using the search feature can quickly locate your needed information, saving precious time and resources.

Session Replay

Session Replay is akin to a time machine, allowing you to view the user journey. By replaying sessions, you can better understand user behavior, identify issues, and make data-driven decisions for product improvements.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a vital component of the platform. It helps you track user activities as they happen, enabling you to detect performance bottlenecks and intervene promptly. This powerful feature ensures your product remains fast and responsive at all times.

Zipy Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

Zipy offers four pricing plans. The pricing information goes thus:

  • Free Plan (up to 1,000 sessions/month): It is free.
  • Startup Plan (up to 7,500 sessions/month): Starts at $39/month.
  • Growth Plan (up to 15,000 sessions/month): Starts at $79/month.
  • Enterprise Plan (Any volume of user sessions): Custom pricing — contact Zipy to learn more about this pricing plan.

Zipy Pros and Cons

In any product evaluation, weighing the pros and cons is essential. Below, we’ve highlighted the key advantages and limitations of using the platform:


  • Real-time error monitoring ensures prompt identification and fixing of issues.
  • It has a flexible workflow and a friendly UI.
  • The team is smart and understands the space well.
  • It has a robust feature set and is a time saver.
  • Tailored recommendations make decision-making more informed and data-driven.
  • Excellent customer support makes it easy for users to get help when needed..


  • The user interface may take some time to get used to for non-tech-savvy users.
  • As with all data analytics tools, there’s a learning curve to exploit Zipy’s features fully.
  • The free Plan’s session limit may be insufficient for businesses with a higher volume of user interaction.
  • Advanced features are only available in more expensive pricing tiers.
  • Real-time data analysis may require considerable system resources, potentially slowing other operations.

Starts at $39/month (startup plan)

Zipy Possible Alternatives

While Zipy offers a significant range of features and benefits, it may not fit every organization’s needs best.

Therefore, it’s worth considering alternative platforms that provide substantial capabilities in enhancing your product strategy and user understanding. Below listed are four such alternatives:


Dynatrace is a comprehensive software intelligence platform that provides application performance management, artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps), digital experience management, and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

It’s mainly known for its AI capabilities, which can proactively detect and diagnose anomalies, optimize customer experience, and streamline cloud operations.


AppDynamics by Cisco offers a high-quality application performance management solution that gives businesses end-to-end visibility into their applications’ performance.

It allows businesses to monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and scale their apps, ensuring a seamless user experience.


WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that helps users navigate through the features of other web-based services. It uses on-screen sequences to guide users through processes, making it especially useful for businesses implementing new software or features.

Pega Platform

Pega Platform is a unified digital transformation platform. It offers business process management (BPM), customer relationship management (CRM), and case management tools.

Its strength lies in its ability to automate business processes, allowing for more efficient operations and a better user experience.

My Experience Using Zipy

In my adventure using Zipy, it’s been quite a ride! The platform is truly a ‘zipy’ way to understand and navigate the complex web of user behavior.

The real-time error notifications are a lifesaver – they saved my team countless hours that would otherwise have been spent troubleshooting. The Network Logs feature? Brilliant.

It’s like having a magnifying glass over your product’s performance. The Filters & Search feature is the trusty sidekick you never knew you needed – finding relevant data has never been easier.

And Session Replay, it’s like having your time machine. The insights gained from this feature alone have been invaluable in shaping our product strategy. All in all, my journey with the platform has been a rewarding one.

Sure, there were a few bumps along the way – the learning curve is a tad steep, and the user interface took some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing!


What Kind of Support Does Zipy Offer to Its Users?

Zipy provides excellent customer support to its users. If you encounter any issues or need help, the Zipy team can assist promptly and efficiently. This ensures users get the most value out of the platform.

Can I Upgrade my Zipy Plan at any Time?

Yes, it offers flexibility in its pricing plans. You can easily upgrade to a higher tier if you’ve initially selected a lower tier and need more sessions as your business grows. For large-scale needs, the platform offers custom pricing under its Enterprise Plan.

How Does Zipy Work?

Zipy is a performance monitoring platform that collects data about user sessions and analyzes the information in real time. It delivers insights about user behavior, enabling you to track performance bottlenecks, optimize customer experience, and make data-driven decisions for product improvements.

Wrapping Up: Is Zipy Worth it?

Zipy emerges as a highly efficient performance monitoring tool that empowers your digital product strategy with actionable insights.

Its feature-rich platform enables you to keep a real-time tab on user sessions, helping you swiftly identify and rectify any bottlenecks, thus ensuring an optimal user experience.

The flexible pricing plans further enhance its appeal, making the platform accessible to startups and large organizations. The platform is worth your investment if you seek a tool that offers robust error monitoring, flexible workflows, and a user interface to save you time.

Your journey toward data-driven decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction is just a click away. Don’t wait anymore! Try Zipy Today and fast-track your digital product success.

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