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What’s Up Brother Meme Explained (Sketch on TikTok)

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The “What’s up brother” Sketch meme went viral on TikTok.

“What’s up brother” is short for “What is up, brother?”, which is an informal greeting.

On TikTok, girlfriends will say the phrase to their boyfriends and see how they respond.

However, if you don’t know where the phrase originated from, you might be confused.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the What’s Up Brother meme on TikTok (☝️), who is Sketch, the original video, and more.

What is the What’s Up Brother trend on TikTok?

The What’s Up Brother trend on TikTok is where girlfriends will say “What’s up brother” to their boyfriends and see how they respond.

The trend was started by @iamdonvincent on TikTok, who has over 5k followers.

In the video, he said, “Ladies, walk up to your man right now and say “What’s up brother” with a finger up”.

He didn’t give additional context in the video, so many TikTok users are confused.

About a day later, @emmavergaraa stitched @iamdonvincent’s video and did exactly what the video said.

The man in the video responded with quirky words and actions—flapping his arms around.

The video got over 48 million views, 6.5 million likes, and 15k comments.

Where did the What’s Up Brother meme come from?

The What’s Up Brother meme came from a Twitch streamer called “The Sketch Real”, also known as “Sketch”.

The meme is a mashup of two viral clips from Sketch—one from his Stream and another from Jynxzi’s stream (another popular streamer).

In one of his streams, Sketch said this iconic line, “Special teams, special plays, special players” while doing a T-pose.

He also said the line in his other streams and many people started imitating him by saying it.

In one of Jynxzi’s streams, he facetimed Sketch, and Sketch’s greeting was, “What’s up brother” in a nerdy tone.

That’s when the “What’s up brother” phrase (typically said with a finger up) originated from.

The video was posted on TikTok and got over 9.5 million views, 900k likes, and 1k comments.

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