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155 Best How To Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

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What I eat in a day. The best beginner workout routine. DIY home decor ideas on a budget.

These are all good YouTube video ideas.

However, here’s a reality check: most of these topics have been done to death. The result? Most viewers scroll past this stuff.

Instead they pause when they understand they can learn the steps to doing something. And that’s where “how to” videos come into play.

My YouTube channel has reached 180,000 subscribers. On the channel I often share how-to videos on topics related to digital marketing.

These videos consistently perform better than any other type of content.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best how to video ideas for YouTube. These will help you stand out in a sea of ever increasing video content.

What Are the Best How to Video Ideas?

Here are the best how to video ideas sorted into different categories.

Educational Tutorials and How-To Guides

Can you share frameworks with others to help them achieve an outcome?

Have you found better ways (compared to mainstream knowledge) to get things done?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, educational tutorials, and how-to guides should be the types of content you create.

With the ability to attract an audience looking for new skills (or those wanting to improve current ones), here are some of the best video ideas to go for:

  • How to Set Up a Personal Budget
  • Mastering Basic Photography Skills
  • Tips for Beginners to Learn a New Language
  • Gardening Skills Essential for Beginners
  • Coding Basics for Kids
  • Crafting the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter
  • Yoga Introduction for Complete Beginners
  • Cooking Techniques Essential for Everyone
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Car Maintenance and Repairs Basics
  • Guide for Beginners to Play the Guitar
  • Tips for Effective Public Speaking
  • Creating a Personal Fitness Plan
  • How to Start a Blog
  • Simple Science Experiments for Kids
  • Digital Marketing Basics
  • Understanding Investing in the Stock Market
  • DIY Home Decorating Ideas
  • Mastering Time Management Skills
  • Creating an Effective Study Plan
  • Making Your First Garment in Sewing 101
  • First Aid Skills Basic for Everyone
  • Planning a Sustainable Garden
  • An Introduction to Astronomy

Product Reviews and Unboxings

Product Reviews

The sound of opening boxes, the smell of new products, and the thrill of exploring all their features and functions.

Product reviews are always in high demand.

People want to know what they’re getting into before making a purchase. They also want to know the steps to best use these new products.

Apart from helping people, there’s also an additional benefit. When your channel gets big enough, securing sponsorships from various companies becomes easier.

Win-win for you as a content creator.

Here are the best video ideas for this type of content:

  • Features of the Latest Smartphone Models
  • The Year’s Top 10 Fitness Trackers
  • Budget vs. High-End Gaming PC Builds
  • Healthy Eating’s Best Kitchen Gadgets
  • Latest Beauty Subscription Boxes Unboxing
  • Productivity Tech Gadgets for Remote Work
  • Digital Nomads’ Top Travel Backpacks
  • Fun and Learning with Kids’ Educational Toys
  • The Best Vlogging Cameras
  • Electric Bikes and Their Worth
  • What You Need to Know About Home Security Systems
  • New Art Supplies Unboxing and Testing
  • The Ultimate Smart Home Devices Guide
  • Budget Laptops For Students
  • The Latest in Wearable Fitness Tech
  • High-End Headphones and Their Value
  • The Best DIY Home Improvement Tools
  • New Board Games for Family Game Night
  • Sustainable Homes Eco-Friendly Products
  • Modern Explorer’s Camping Gear
  • Professional Podcasting Equipment Setup
  • The Best Book Lovers’ E-Readers
  • Newest Drone Models Unboxing
  • Style and Functionality Of Luxury Watches
  • The Best Personal Finance Management Apps

Vlogs and Personal Stories

If you love documenting your life and showing your real, authentic you, there’s nothing better than vlogging.

All you need is yourself, your camera, and the ability to express your thoughts.

If you can package your ideas into lists and how-tos (sharing sequential items as they happen), here are the best YouTube video ideas in this category:

  • A Freelancer’s Daily Life
  • My Fitness Journey’s Challenges and Triumphs
  • Exploring a City’s Hidden Gems Through a Travel Vlog
  • Lessons Learned from My First Job Storytime
  • A Weekend Camping Getaway
  • Behind the Scenes of Making a YouTube Video
  • Experiencing a Move to a New Country
  • The Reality of Working from Home
  • Touring My Home Office/Workspace
  • How I Balance School with Work
  • My Morning Routine for a Productive Day
  • What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan
  • DIY Home Renovations Before and After
  • The Process of Writing and Publishing a Book
  • Progress and Setbacks in Learning a Musical Instrument
  • Planning and Hosting a Small Event
  • My Journey Through Mental Health Recovery
  • Discovering Local Favorites in My Hometown
  • My Fitness Routine: A Week of Workouts
  • How I Plan My Week for Maximum Efficiency
  • The Ups and Downs of Starting a Small Business
  • My Journey to Sustainable Living
  • The First Year of Parenting Adventures
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Backpacking Solo
  • Reflecting on a Year of Personal Growth

Cooking and Recipe Demonstrations

Cooking and Recipe

A visual platform like YouTube is a great way to share the sequential aspects of cooking.

You can share how you prepare your favorite dishes, test out new ones, and collaborate with other cooking channels.

You can also explore different techniques, cuisines, and even cooking gadgets.

Here are some of the top ideas for a cooking and recipe channel:

  • 5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  • Mastering French Cooking Techniques
  • Preparing Vegan Meals for the Week
  • Exploring Traditional Dishes from Around the Globe
  • Baking Bread Made Simple for Beginners
  • Engaging Kids with Fun and Easy Recipes
  • Crafting the Ultimate Homemade Pizza
  • Summer Grilling with Burgers, Veggies, and More
  • Creating Decadent Chocolate Soufflé Desserts
  • Simplifying Weeknights with One-Pot Meals
  • Baking Gluten-Free Cakes and Cookies
  • Learning the Science of Cooking Eggs Perfectly
  • Preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Holidays
  • Learning the Basics of Canning and Preserving
  • Meal Planning Within a Budget
  • Blending Flavors from Different Cultures in Fusion Cuisine
  • Enjoying Delicious and Nutritious Keto Diet Recipes
  • Mastering Seafood with Tips and Tricks
  • Discovering the World of Spices to Enhance Flavors
  • Mixing Classics and Creations in Cocktail Making at Home
  • Adding a Twist to Comfort Food Classics
  • Cooking Simple and Satisfying Meals for One
  • Finding Joy in Cooking with Seasonal Produce
  • Indulging in Dairy-Free Desserts and Snacks
  • Enjoying Outdoor Cooking with Campfire Meals and BBQ

Fitness and Health Routines

Fitness and Health Routines

Nowadays, people are more health conscious than ever. They want to look good, feel good, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These desires open up lots of content possibilities.

Being specific in your chosen fitness niche is essential. With lots of competition, you must stand out by appealing to a particular audience.

Then, you can use the ideas below to create how to videos about fitness:

  • Helping Beginners Embark on a 30-Day Yoga Challenge
  • High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts for Home Fitness
  • Exploring the Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness
  • How to Build a Home Gym While Staying on Budget
  • Exercises for Correcting Posture in Desk Workers
  • Training Tips for Marathon Beginners
  • Planning Healthy Meals for Effective Weight Loss
  • Strength Training Without the Need for Equipment
  • Unlocking Better Rest Through the Science of Sleep
  • A Guide to Pilates for Core Strengthening for Beginners
  • Boosting Endurance with Cycling Workouts
  • Techniques for Managing Stress for a Balanced Life
  • Tailoring Swimming Workouts for Every Fitness Level
  • Meal Ideas and Supplements for Vegan Nutrition
  • Optimizing Performance with Pre and Post-Workout Meals
  • Enhancing Athlete Mobility and Flexibility Through Routine Exercises
  • Regular Exercise and Its Mental Health Benefits
  • Strategies for Overcoming Workout Plateaus with Advanced Tips
  • Safe Exercise Guidelines for Each Pregnancy Trimester
  • Understanding the Basics of Sports Nutrition
  • Keeping Active with Office Workouts for Sedentary Jobs
  • Exercises for Injury Prevention and Recovery
  • Hydration’s Crucial Role in Physical Performance
  • Making the Most of Outdoor Fitness Opportunities
  • Bodyweight Training Programs Designed for Travel

DIY Projects and Crafts

Some YouTube viewers love to experiment. They want to see how far they can take their creativity. At the same time, they love personalizing their homes and belongings.

All of this lends itself to great how to content.

If you can take your audience through a journey of self-discovery (and explain concepts in a straightforward, easy-to-follow manner), the below DIY project ideas will come in handy:

  • A Beginners’ Dive into Upcycling Furniture
  • Handmade Jewelry Creation Techniques and Tips
  • Cultivating Your Herbal Garden
  • Crafting Natural Beauty Products Yourself
  • Scrapbooking 101 for Preserving Memories
  • The Basics of Knitting and Crocheting for Beginners
  • Recycling Materials into Home Decor Projects
  • Constructing a Birdhouse as a Family Endeavor
  • Embellishing Your Clothes with Embroidery
  • Generating DIY Gift Ideas for Special Occasions
  • The Craft of Making Scented Candles at Home
  • The Art of Handmade Greeting Cards
  • Starting with Pottery Making for Beginners
  • Designing DIY Planters for Your Garden
  • The Process of Creating Your Own Leather Wallet
  • Understanding Soap Making at Home
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Homebrewing Beer
  • Engaging in Woodworking Projects for the Home
  • Assembling a Mosaic Art Piece
  • Embarking on Calligraphy as a Beginner
  • Tailoring Your Own Curtains for Home Decor
  • Constructing a Simple Robot for Kids
  • The Process of Crafting a Handmade Quilt
  • Creating DIY Halloween Costumes and Decorations
  • Techniques for Restoring Vintage Items

Travel Guides and Destination Reviews

Do people joke that you’re constantly hopping from one airplane to another?

Do they ask when you’ll settle down and stay in the same place for a bit?

If so, you might be a great candidate to create videos around travelling. On your channel, you can help people with the how-to aspect of travel.

Budget traveling, packing tips, and getting around in a foreign country are just a few topics where following steps (i.e., how-to) are essential.

Here are the best ideas to help you dive into travel guides and cultural experiences:

  • Budget-Friendly Top 10 Travel Destinations
  • Wonders of the Ancient World Explored
  • Sustainable Travel Practices Guide
  • Lesser-Known European Hidden Gems to Visit
  • Planning Your Adventure with Road Trip Essentials
  • Around the World’s Best Hiking Trails
  • World’s Best Street Food Tasting Culinary Tours
  • Culture, Music, and More at World Festivals
  • First-timers Tips and Destinations for Solo Travel
  • Top 5 Exclusive Resorts for Luxury Travel
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Backpacking Through Southeast Asia
  • Making the Most of a Weekend Getaway with City Breaks
  • Best Ski Resorts in a Winter Wonderland
  • A Travel Guide to the Middle East’s Historical Sites
  • Latin America’s Ecotourism Adventures
  • A Guide to Island Hopping in the Caribbean
  • Italy’s Art Lover’s Tour
  • Exploring National Parks in the United States
  • Learning Languages on the Go
  • The Best Snorkeling and Diving Underwater Experiences
  • Making a Difference by Volunteering Abroad
  • The Ultimate American Southwest Road Trip
  • Best Times and Places for Discovering the Northern Lights
  • Exploring the Vineyards of France with Wine Tours
  • Top Digital Nomad Destinations This Summer

Technology and Gadget Demonstrations

Technology and Gadget

Looking for top tech ideas to share with your audience?

It’s not just about reviewing the latest smartphones or laptops. With some creativity, there are endless possibilities to explore in this space.

Here are the best ones to keep your tech-savvy audience informed and entertained:

  • Exploring Applications and Possibilities in the Future of Augmented Reality
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Building Your First Mobile App
  • Enhancing Your Living Space with Smart Home Technology
  • The Basics of Flying and Filming with Drones
  • The Evolution of Gaming Consoles Through Time
  • Experiencing Immersive Virtual Reality at Home
  • Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches in Wearable Tech
  • Protecting Your Digital Life with Cybersecurity Basics
  • Bringing Ideas to Life with 3D Printing
  • What You Need to Know About the Rise of Electric Vehicles
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Everyday Life
  • Boosting Personal Productivity with the Best Apps
  • Navigating the World of Cryptocurrency Exploration
  • Strategies for Effective Remote Collaboration
  • Demystifying Cloud Computing and Its Usage
  • Assessing Social Media’s Impact on Society
  • Undertaking DIY Home Automation Projects
  • The Latest Advances in Astronomy and Space Travel
  • Selecting the Best Laptop for Your Needs
  • Unraveling the Science Behind Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Robotics for Beginners
  • Delving Into the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Building vs. Buying Gaming PCs
  • Embracing Streaming Services to Cut the Cord on Traditional TV

Creating Hard-Hitting How-To Videos

Do you know the best way to create hard-hitting how to videos?

The answer lies in addressing exactly what people want.

You’ll be amazed at your YouTube channel’s success when you know what people’s needs and interests are. Each video you release will get views, likes, and shares at a rate you never thought possible.

You must be able to answer these questions to start seeing success:

  • Who is the typical person who watches your videos?
  • Are they a beginner or more advanced in whatever you’re teaching?
  • What do they hope to get by the end of watching each video?

Make your videos relevant by using suitable language.

An advanced baker will “use a different language” to a newly graduated plane pilot.

A big part of creating videos that are relevant is speaking the right language.

This language also makes creating better thumbnails and titles easier.

When you can create thumbnails and titles that call out your target audience, they will click on your videos much more than your competitors’.

As a result, you’ll get a YouTube channel with a loyal following and high engagement.

While it’s great to release new videos, let’s consider the long-term play with how to videos.

First, the more relevant videos you create, the more people will return to your channel.

And while your first YouTube video might not be an overnight success, each video after that can add to the depth of your video library.

As you create more videos, you’ll also learn what your audience resonates with (and doesn’t).

The result?

Building a community of people who love watching your video content and want more of your expertise.

And when that happens, you can monetize your knowledge in multiple ways.

Let’s say you create instructional videos on home improvement projects.

With this topic (and a solid long-term plan), you could:

  • create a paid membership community where members get exclusive video tutorials and tips
  • collaborate with companies to showcase their products in your videos, earning sponsorship deals.
  • promote your home improvement products or services.

Both in the short and long term, there’s a lot you can do when you build a loyal community of people who know, like, and trust you.

Brainstorming Great How To Videos

When you lack ideas or inspiration, the last thing you want to do is sit down and brainstorm.

Anything else seems more fun at that stage.

Here’s the truth: the initial process is tough. However, once you’ve gone through it a few times, it becomes easier. Some might even enjoy the process! Who knew?

Whether you’re creating:

  • educational videos
  • fashion videos
  • review videos
  • unboxing videos

…or any other type of video, it all starts with brainstorming.

Here’s how to get the job done right (and fast).

Mind Mapping

You start mind mapping by considering the main idea behind your channel. You could even start with the main keyword as the central topic.

Words like “online marketing”, “fashion”, or “product reviews” can all serve as great central topics.

Next, branch out with related ideas.

All you’re doing is writing all the ideas that come to mind – there’s no good or bad.

The more you can think of subtopics and sub-subtopics, the better.

For example, from online marketing, you might come up with topics like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

From fashion, you could have subtopics like style tips, beauty hacks, shopping hauls, etc.

And from product reviews, you could branch out with specific categories such as tech gadgets, makeup products, or home goods.

Letting your imagination run wild, you’ll have a pool of ideas.


You can also develop ideas for video creation using the freewriting technique.

You set a timer to a few minutes (I find 5 minutes to be the right amount). During this time, list down as many ideas as possible.

The key is to let your mind wander from one related concept to another.

Starting with fashion, you might think of “clothes”. Then you might think “shoes”, “wedding”, “friends”, “beach”, “summer” etc.

It’s important not to limit yourself to “great ideas” or not.

The aim is to write down all the thoughts that come to mind.

Then you leave the ideas and go do something else.

After a while, come back to them and see which make sense and which don’t.

Finally, prioritize the ideas in the order it makes sense to tackle them.

Taking the example above (for a fashion how to channel), you might want to create content on:

  • How to find the right shoes for your next wedding
  • The steps to planning a beach wedding using a style guide
  • Summer fashion trends to incorporate into your wardrobe for a day out with friends

Online Idea Generators

There are plenty of online tools to help you with video creation.

Most of these tools help you combine keywords to develop new ideas.

You can also look at current trends (some online generators do this automatically) to help you brainstorm even more useful content.

You can even use online domain tools for this purpose.

Here’s an example using This website helps people find available domain names. In this case, I inputted the words from the above list:


I then got ideas combining these words.

What if I created a video about creating your own shoes for summer? Or even how friends can come together and make their own fashion line this summer?

These ideas came about from just six words.

The more keywords you use, the more ideas you’ll generate.

Most how-to videos fall under the evergreen topics.

For example, if you’re teaching someone a series of steps in DIY videos, those steps won’t change or become outdated anytime soon.

However, there are also trending topics.

If you create a makeup tutorial using the latest trends and products, you might need to re-record the video after some time.

Understanding the average duration for which your content will stay relevant is essential.

With trending topics, you might get more initial views. However, this content might not have long-term appeal.

Try to find the balance between creating trendy content that will stay relevant for the longest time.


Creating how to videos is all about sharing your experiences and knowledge.

Being authentic is crucial in these types of videos.

How to videos also allow you to build a loyal audience that values your opinions and thoughts.

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