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Apple’s Vision Pro Battery Pack Still Uses The Lightning Port

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Dominic

With less than a day left for the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro, journalists and influencers have already started sharing their reviews about the upcoming mixed-reality headset.

Apple’s Vision Pro Battery Pack Still Uses The Lightning Port

In one such review shared by journalist Ray Wong from Inverse on X, it has come to light that the cable that connects the Vision Pro battery pack to the headset for power purposes can be detached using a SIM ejector tool.

Wong used a SIM card push pin to “unlock” the cable that was connected to the Apple Vision Pro battery pack, after which he was able to remove the cable from the battery. There is a small hole next to the cable that contains a locking mechanism, which, when pushed, unlocks the cable and causes the battery to pop right out.

The charging cable of the Vision Pro battery has a very similar shape to Lightning, which looks like a bigger, 12-pin version of the connector for Apple’s iPhone. Also, the Vision Pro’s battery cable is about double the width.

According to MacRumors, Apple has created a removable cable so that it can be easily swapped with a new one without needing to replace the entire battery pack if the cable or connector is damaged.

While the Vision Pro ships with one battery, additional batteries can be purchased for $199 each via the Apple Store and the Apple Store Online.