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Bitget ZetaChain Quiz Answers – Followchain

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Bitget is a leading crypto exchange and one of the most trusted crypto social trading platforms.

You can conduct copy, spot, and futures trading on the exchange.

Learn2Earn lets you view learning content, take quizzes, and earn rewards.

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Once you’re on Bitget, select the menu icon > Learn2Earn > select the current quiz.

This guide contains the Bitget ZetaChain (ZETA) quiz answers (Learn2Earn) to get 10 points to redeem USDT for free.

Bitget ZetaChain Quiz Answers

Question: What primary function does ZetaChain serve in the blockchain ecosystem?

Answer: It connects fragmented blockchains for a seamless crypto experience.

Question: What is the issue with cross-chain “bridges” in today’s crypto ecosystem?

Answer: They are vulnerable to hacks and can be costly.

Question: Which blockchains can ZetaChain connect to?

Answer: All the above and any chain of the future.

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