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Discover the Best Destinations for Photography and Travel

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Get Exact Geo-positions for the World’s Most Beautiful Photo Spots.

Overview – Get Exact Geo-positions for the World’s Most Beautiful Photo Spots

LocationScout is where your passion for traveling and photography converges to create memories that last a lifetime. The platform is designed to help you discover the best spots for taking breathtaking photos, from renowned landmarks to hidden gems only the locals know about.

Planning your trip becomes easier and more precise with detailed geo-positions for every recommendation. Explore, learn, and capture the essence of your adventures while ensuring you don’t miss out on any interest-specific details.

Key Takeaways

  • LocationScout is a platform that lets you learn and explore the world’s best spots for photography and travel.

  • The platform discovers spots around you or your travel destination in real-time and never misses the best views again with our iOS and Android app.

  • LocationScout is free but has two Premium Plan options: the Premium Monthly (9.99€/month) and Premium Annual (4.99€/month, paid annually).

  • You can discover hidden gems in 213.625 entries and explore the world through the eyes of professional photographers.

How LocationScout Works

  • Visit LocationScout Homepage: Start by opening the LocationScout page and remember to have your camera and passion for photographing ready.

  • Input Your Preferred Location: The main page has a box where you can input the location you’re interested in. This is helpful for photographers who’ve already decided on their next destination.

  • Explore Beautiful Spots: Based on your input, LocationScout retrieves a list of locations ideal for capturing stunning pictures. This feature ensures you don’t miss parts of your interest.

  • Learn From Each Location Page: Each location has a page with detailed information, allowing you to learn how to capture the best photographs and understand the best times and angles for shooting.

  • Share Your Experience: After visiting and photographing the recommended spots, come back to share your experience and pictures with the community. It’s a great way to get involved and help other photographers find beautiful locations.

Key Features & Benefits

Functional on Apple and Android Devices

  • LocationScout is available as an iOS and Android app.

  • It integrates with your phone’s camera features to make discovering, exploring, and photographing spots seamless.

  • The app allows you to create and save your lists of favorite spots for easy access on your next trip.

Detailed Information for Every Spot

  • Each spot on LocationScout comes with detailed information, including geo-positioning, best times to visit, nearby amenities, and points of interest.

  • The platform ensures you capture the perfect shot by providing insights from professional photographers who have visited and captured the same spot.

  • You can save the information for offline access, making it easier to navigate and explore even without an internet connection.

Fast Speed and Efficient

  • LocationScout offers fast and efficient service, with real-time updating of information.

  • The platform has a user-friendly interface allows easy navigation and quick access to your needed information.

  • With over 213.625 entries and counting, LocationScout constantly expands its database to provide more recommendations and options for your next trip.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Planning a Photographic Journey: Before leaving home, clients can use LocationScout to find the kind of places they dream of capturing. By integrating with Google Maps, the platform helps plot a route that includes all selected photographic spots, ensuring you confidently get started on your adventure.

  • Creating a Personalized Travel Guide: With an account on LocationScout, users can create and save lists of their favorite spots, making it easy to organize their travels. In addition, they can add notes to explain why a particular location is worth visiting or what makes a perfect picture there.

  • Discovering Uncharted Photo Spots: LocationScout excels at helping photographers discover hidden gems that aren’t widely known or advertised on traditional tourist maps. This is ideal for those looking to capture unique and untouched sceneries.

  • Learning and Sharing Photography Tips: The platform allows you to find places and learn from others’ experiences. After visiting a spot, you can share your pictures along with tips and insights about the best angles, times for shooting, and additional details that could help the next photographer.

Who is LocationScout For?

  • Photographers: LocationScout is an essential tool for photographers who are passionate about exploring new places and capturing stunning images.

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Whether planning a trip to a specific location or looking for inspiration, LocationScout can help you discover the most beautiful spots worldwide.

  • Content Creators Seeking Fresh Content: Supports content creators in their quest to shoot original images and stories in new locations every day.

  • Hobbyists Eager to Improve Skills: Found by hobbyists as a useful tool to find, shoot, and share experiences that help improve their photography skills.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: It is free

  • Premium Monthly Plan: 9.99€/month

  • Premium Annual Plan: 4.99€/month, paid annually. 50% off today. Permanent, not just for the first year.

What are Users Saying About LocationScout?

  • Keith S.: This is an Excellent App. It is easy to use and provides exactly what I wanted: a map-based guide to great landscape photography locations. The creator and site manager were very helpful and responsive to my queries—a rare thing these days!

  • Nico Trinkhaus: I love using Locationscout to check what’s around me while traveling. It makes it easy to get a first overview of an unfamiliar place, and there are so many amazing spots I would’ve missed if it wasn’t for other photographers sharing them on the platform.

  • Perfderd: The quality of the app and content is crazy for a solo developer. This app needs all the praise it can get.

  • Rudolfo Dalamicio: Since I discovered LocationScout, it has taken my passion for photography to a whole new level. Not only is the platform intuitive and user-friendly, but it’s also an invaluable resource for photographers looking for the perfect locations to shoot.

LocationScout Alternatives

  • My App: This app offers a streamlined interface for photographers seeking to capture memories in unique places. It provides original content and detailed location guides.

  • Google: Utilizes its vast database to help users find and explore new photography spots, complete with picture galleries and location details.

  • Roam Around: Focuses on community-sourced information to unveil hidden gems for photography enthusiasts looking to capture original and undiscovered scenes.

  • Curiosio: Tailored for travelers and photographers alike, it uses artificial intelligence to suggest locations based on preferences, making finding and documenting new places easier.


How Does LocationScout Ensure the Accuracy of Spot Information?

LocationScout collaborates with a community of professional photographers and travelers to update and verify information constantly, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of spot details.

Can I Access LocationScout Offline?

Yes, LocationScout allows users to save information for offline access, making it easier to explore and photograph spots even without an internet connection.

Yes, LocationScout fosters a vibrant community of photography enthusiasts who share insights, tips, and personal experiences at various locations, enhancing the platform’s value and knowledge base.

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