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Free AI-Powered SEO Suite for Effective Link Building

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The 1st SEO Suite for Link Building.

Overview – The 1st SEO Suite for Link Building

LinkSafari is your go-to SEO suite for amplifying your web pages’ reach and effectiveness. It’s an AI-powered platform that transforms the link-building experience, making it seamless and efficient.

Regardless of location, this link-building tool provides the essential resources and services to elevate your site’s visibility and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkSafari is an AI-powered SEO suite for link building and monitoring.

  • The tool provides essential services and resources for improving website visibility and performance.

  • LinkSafari offers three pricing plans: the Free Plan ($0/month), the Pro Plan ($27/month), and the Agency Plan ($47/month).

  • The platform gathers relevant information across several web pages for maximum effectiveness.

How LinkSafari Works

  • Create an Account: Sign up with your email to get started and enjoy full access to the platform.

  • Go to Dashboard: Navigate through the user-friendly dashboard designed for easy usage across countries.

  • Click the “All Backlinks” button: This feature lets you overview and manage your site’s existing backlinks.

  • Customize Based on Preference: Input desired keywords, select the type of link, and bookmark pages for future reference.

  • Use Search Filters: Fine-tune your search results using SEO metrics to ensure high impact and relevance.

  • Export to CSV: Effortlessly export your data to CSV format for detailed analysis and report generation, fully leveraging the platform to deliver the best outcomes for your site.

Key Features & Benefits

Get Backlinks

  • Unlock limitless backlinks and discover opportunities.

  • Generate converting outreach emails and dominate link-building.

  • Get real-time insights on DoFollow and NoFollow referring links.

Manage Backlinks

  • Effortlessly manage your backlinks with AI-powered tools.

  • Monitor, index, and optimize using the comprehensive SEO toolkit.

  • Get notified of any changes or updates to your backlinks.

Check SEO Metrics

  • Elevate your SEO game with the SEO suite: a bulk URL checker, boost DA and TF, and Disavow Tool integration.

  • Seamlessly analyze NoFollow and DoFollow link ratios.

  • Identify spammy or broken links to improve your website’s credibility.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Budget Management for SEO Campaigns: LinkSafari allows users to plan and manage their link-building budgets more efficiently. Its analytics allow for monitoring spend versus results, helping to adjust strategies on the go.

  • Collaborating with Friends and Teams: The platform supports multiple user accounts, enabling friends or team members to collaborate on link-building strategies, share insights, and collectively monitor progress across both Android and iOS devices.

  • Enhanced Viewing of YouTube Backlinks: LinkSafari provides detailed analytics on YouTube backlinks, including the number of people reached and the change in engagement levels, making it easier to assess the impact of video content in SEO strategies.

  • Saving and Revisiting Searches: Users can save their search filters and configurations, making it effortless to return to previous searches. This feature is precious when monitoring the status of backlinks or reassessing opportunities, and it is supported on various devices.

Who is LinkSafari For?

  • Bloggers seeking a streamlined way to enhance their site’s visibility and class without complex signup required.

  • SEO specialists at home in digital marketing, looking to offer their clients top-tier link-building services.

  • Content creators and news hunters aiming to expand their reach and work more efficiently.

  • Freelancers who require a powerful yet affordable tool to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of SEO.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: $0/month

  • Pro Plan: $27/month

  • Agency Plan: $47/month.

Submit your site and get a FREE DR 50+ DoFollow backlink within 24 hours!

What are Users Saying About LinkSafari?

  • Margarett Klin: I have been using LinkSafari for a few months and am pleased with the results. It has enabled me to build quality backlinks effortlessly while keeping track of my site’s performance.

  • Samuel Mccormick: LinkSafari is an excellent tool that has helped our team more efficiently manage backlinks and improve our site’s visibility. It is highly recommended for SEO specialists!

  • Anna Williams: I was initially skeptical of using a link-building tool, but LinkSafari has exceeded my expectations! It’s easy to use and has helped me save time while generating high-quality client backlinks.

LinkSafari Alternatives

  • Hunter.IO: This is a light and simple tool tailored for those who work in outreach, offering precise email-finding services beneficial for link-building in several industries, including films and podcasts.

  • LinkBuilder IO: This service simplifies the link-building process, making it easier for digital marketers and video content creators to enhance their online presence without drastic changes in strategy.

  • Link Hunter: It offers a straightforward approach to finding high-quality backlinks across various media, including articles and films, facilitating efficient SEO work without complications.

  • Link Whisper: A WordPress plugin focusing on internal link building, using AI to suggest relevant links that improve site structure and user experience for blogs, video content, and podcasts.


Can I Upgrade or Downgrade Between Plans Anytime?

Yes, you can adjust your subscription plan anytime to meet your current SEO needs through your account settings.

Is There a Free Trial for the Pro or Agency Plan?

No. Instead of a free trial, LinkSafari offers a fully featured Free Plan that allows you to explore many benefits without a time limit.

How Do I Contact Support If I Face Issues?

If you have any support-related questions, visit the “Contact Us” section on to contact our dedicated team.

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