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Keone Pearson Height, Weight, and Age

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I am Keone Pearson. IFBB professional bodybuilder and ISSA-certified personal trainer.

He grew up in a small town called Warner Robins in Georgia, USA.

Apart from helping others to gain muscle or lose fat, Keone focuses on longevity.

His programs include competition preparation, lifestyle preparation, and posing.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Keone Pearson (Keone Prodigy), his height, weight, age, stats, girlfriend, workout plan, social media, and more.

Keone Pearson stats

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Full name Keone Pearson
Weight 96 kg (213 lbs)
Height 167 cm (5’7″)
Nationality American
Year of birth 1995
Profession IFBB professional bodybuilder, ISSA-certified personal trainer

Source: Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2 by Eric Kanevsky Official.

Keone Pearson height and weight

Keone Pearson is 5’7″ (167 cm) in height and about 213 lbs (96 kg) in weight.

He grew up in a small town called Warner Robins in Georgia, USA, and his nationality is American.

Note: These are estimated figures and are not perfect measurements (weight can fluctuate daily).

Source: In a YouTube video titled “Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2”, Eric Kanevsky measured Keone Pearson’s height and weight.


Keone Pearson is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and an ISSA certified personal trainer.

He won the 212 Mr. Olympia in 2023 and first place in many other professional shows.

Social media:

Keone is a personal trainer and he has a 6-week hypertrophy program with Amanda Kohatsu, his partner.

He is sponsored by Gasp Official, Long Life Meal Prep, Yamamoto Nutrition, and Zero to Hero.

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