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Lebron James copypastas went viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Reddit.

The copypasta, also known as a poem, starts off with “Boy, oh boy, where do I even begin?”.

It then describes how amazing Lebron is inside and outside of the court.

The copypasta is basically a “glazing” meme that overpraises Lebron as an athlete.

This article contains the Lebron James copypasta, also known as the “You Are My Sunshine” or “Glazing” meme/poem (to copy and paste).

What is the Lebron James glazing copypasta?

The Lebron James glazing copypasta is a glazing meme that is meant to overpraise Lebron as an athlete.

The copypasta originated from a tweet by @BronGotGame on August 2nd, 2023.

Since then, the tweet got over 1.6 million views and 8,500 likes.

On TikTok, the copypasta evolved into a meme called the “Lebron James You Are My Sunshine” meme.

Lebron James Copypasta

  • Boy oh boy where do I even begin. Lebron… honey, my pookie bear. I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you. The way you drive into the paint and strike fear into your enemies eyes. Your silky smooth touch around the rim, and that gorgeous jumpshot. I would do anything for you. I wish it were possible to freeze time so I would never have to watch you retire. You had a rough childhood, but you never gave up hope. You are even amazing off the court, you’re a great husband and father, sometimes I even call you dad. I forvever dread and weep, thinking of the day you will one day retire. I would sacrifice my own life it were the only thing that could put a smile on your beautiful face. You have given me so much joy, and heartbreak over the years. I remember when you first left clevenland and its like my heart got broken into a million pieces. But a tear still fell from my right eye when I watched you win your first ring in miami, because deep down, my glorious king deserved it. I just wanted you to return home. Then allas, you did, my sweet baby boy came home and I rejoiced. 2015 was a hard year for us baby, but in 2016 you made history happen. You came back from 3-1 and I couldn’t believe it. I was crying, bawling even, and I heard my glorious king exclaim these words, “CLEVELAND, THIS IS FOR YOU!” Not only have you changed the game of basketball and the world forever, but you’ve eternally changed my world. And now you’re getting older, but still the goat, my goat. I love you pookie bear, my glorious king, Lebron James. 😊❤️🫶🏽

Lebron James-related copypastas

  • I called LeFraud yesterday but it went straight to voicemail… very odd… because whenever I call MJ it usually has 6 rings to it. And he always comes up clutch answering my calls. Must be bc LeMickey has 0 real rings! As calculated, LeChoke lets us down again!
  • I was eating at Mcdonald’s when all of a sudden LeEat pulled up with a gun. He demanded my food because he was so hungry after the all-star game. I was confused because I saw him eating on the bench the entire game. Shame on you LeCrook. I haven’t eaten in weeks
  • UNBELIEVABLE. Today I took my son to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. He won a game and exchanged his tickets for a Mickey Mouse ring pop but then a large man with a receding hairline came in and SNATCHED it out of the poor kid’s hands! To my dismay, it was LeMICKEY himself!

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