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Ramattra Counter in Overwatch 2

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Ramattra, originally part of the Ravager omnic series in the Omnic Crisis, sought purpose beyond combat.

Intrigued by rumors of Aurora, Ramattra went to the Shambali Monastery in Nepal.

Under Tekhartha Mondatta’s guidance, he became a monk and learned about the Iris.

Despite the Shambali’s mission of peace, Ramattra grew disillusioned with the suffering of his kind.

Editor’s note: I have played Overwatch since season 1 for hundreds of hours—so you can trust the recommendations this guide.

This guide contains Ramattra counter, counters, and tips in Overwatch 2 for tank, damage, and support players for all modes.

Ramattra counter in Overwatch 2

Tank counters vs Ramattra Damage counters vs Ramattra Support counters vs Ramattra
Orisa Echo Ana
Zarya Pharah Mercy
Roadhog Reaper
Note: These heroes are strong against Ramattra in most game modes based on their abilities.

Tips to play against Ramattra

  • If you’re playing tank, Orisa is the best counter to Ramattra because her Javelin allows her to keep a distance away from him and her fortify ability reduces his punch damage and nullifies his Ravenous Vortex.
  • Ramattra is a character that counters characters with shield abilities (he can punch through shields in Nemesis form) so try avoiding playing characters like Reinhardt, Winston, Brigitte, or DVA.
  • Ramattra’s block ability in Nemesis form is one of the most underrated abilities in his kit that can block 75% of damage—but can be countered with Roadhog’s and Pharah’s ultimate.
  • When Ramattra uses Annihilation (Ultimate), try keeping a distance away from him—Ana’s sleep ability hard counters his ultimate as the team can run away safely.
  • Echo hard counters Ramattra because she can keep a distance, turn into Ramattra using Duplicate (Ultimate), and build up Annihilation (Ultimate) very quickly to destroy the enemy team (fighting fire with fire).

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