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Zarya Counter in Overwatch 2

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Zarya hails from a Siberian village deeply affected by the Omnic Crisis, where Russian forces left destruction.

Having lost her father during the conflict, she resolved to aid in her community’s recovery.

Devoting herself to weightlifting and bodybuilding, Zarya was recognized as a rising talent.

Her intense training propelled her up the ranks and poised to break records in the world championships.

Editor’s note: I have played Overwatch since season 1 for hundreds of hours—so you can trust the recommendations this guide.

This guide contains Zarya counter, counters, and tips in Overwatch 2 for tank, damage, and support players for all modes.

Zarya counter in Overwatch 2

Tank counters vs Zarya Damage counters vs Zarya Support counters vs Zarya
Reinhardt Bastion Lifeweaver
Winston Sojourn Zenyetta
Note: These heroes are strong against Zarya in most game modes based on their abilities.

Tips to play against Zarya

  • If you’re playing tank, Reinhardt is one of the best counters against Zarya because his shield will mitigate all of her beam damage—once her bubbles are used up, you can start hammering her.
  • Winston is a great counter pick against Zarya because he has non-burst damage that gives Zarya’s bubbles no charge and his shield mitigates her beam.
  • For damage, Bastion is the only damage hero that can eliminate Zarya in a few seconds with his Assault cannon—try to switch the assault configuration when she has no bubbles.
  • With Sojourn, build up your railgun and headshot the Zarya when her bubble isn’t available.
  • Lifeweaver hard counters Zarya’s ultimate because he can place a petal on the ground to completely avoid the Grav effect and save your team.

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