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Roblox RoMart Application Answers – Followchain

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RoMart is a Superstore based in the UK, that offers essential and luxury items.

Indulge in delicious food at Greggs and shop for necessities at attractive prices.

Consider becoming a staff member by applying through the provided link.

The Roblox game has over 18k favorites and more than 3 million visitors.

In this guide, you’ll learn all of the Roblox RoMart application answers to become a staff member.

Roblox RoMart Application Answers

Question: Who should I call if there is a troller in game?

Answer: A Supervisor or Security.

Question: How should you tell a troller to stop?

Answer: Ask them politely.

Question: How do you find out when the next training is?

Answer: Check the communications server or session board ingame.

Question: What should you do after being ranked to Trainee?

Answer: Atten the next training for store colleague/security in the Training Centre.

Question: What would you do if there was an exploiter ingame?

Answer: Report to Supervisor (or higher) ingame or gather evidence to report it later.

Question: How should you behave as a Trainee?

Answer: Work hard, act professional, and help customers where possible.

Question: How do you get promoted after being trained?

Answer: Attend shifts ingame and work hard.

Question: Hexxo! Welcom to ReMort how help (Please correct this sentence)!

Answer: Hello! Welcome to RoMart, how may I help you?

Question: What is RoMart?

Answer: A Supermarket.

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