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TFT Headliner Rules – Followchain

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TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is an auto-chess game developed by Riot Games.

You can deploy characters from League of Legends and battle for survival.

The game features unique characters, traits, items, augments, skins, and more.

Build your team of demons, shapeshifters, Assassins, and more.

Editor’s note: I was ranked Challenger in set 1 of TFT and peaked top 15 in the SEA region (so you can trust this article).

This guide contains a list of Teamfight Tactics TFT headliner rules, odds, mechanics, guide, and more.

TFT Headliner rules

List of Headliner rules/odds in TFT:

  • Purchases at 2 stars from the shop.
  • Have an additional plus one to one of their traits.
  • Have unique Headliner bonuses.
  • Headliners will appear in every shop if you don’t have a Headliner.
  • Headliners will appear 1 in 4 shops if you have a Headliner.
  • You must sell your current Headliner to purchase a new one.
  • Headliners take 3 units from the pool.
  • There must be 3 copies remaining in the pool for the champ to be able to show up as a Headliner.
  • 1/2/3-cost Headliners have no restrictions to show up in the shop based on copies you own.
  • 4-cost Headliners can’t show up if you own more than 4 copies of that champion.
  • 5-cost Headliners can’t show up if you own more than 3 copies of that champion.
  • When you see a Headliner, don’t show the same +1 trait you saw the last time you saw that headliner.
  • If you pass a champ, you won’t see that same champ again for 7/7/7/5/4 headliner offerings.
  • If you pass on a highlighted trait, you won’t see that trait highlighted again for 4 headliner offerings.

Source: u/Riot_Mort, TFT patch notes.

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