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What Does Anita Max Wynn Mean?

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A clip of Drake from his live stream on Kick went viral on TikTok.

Drake is partnered with Kick, which is a live-streaming platform like Twitch.

In one of his streams, Drake pulls out a cap and says, “This is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn”.

The cap includes a character wearing spectacles, a pink jacket, a yellow shirt, and a bowtie.

In this article, you’ll learn the meaning of the Anita Max Wynn meme, the explanation, why Drake said it, the hat, and more.

What does Anita Max Wynn mean?

Anita Max Wynn means “I need a max win”, which references hitting a “jackpot”.

Specifically, it’s a satiric misspelling of “I need a max win”.

Anita Max Wynn is misspelled so that it sounds like a name.

This is done so that it can be made into a monetizable character.

Anita Max Wynn is now sold as merchandise—caps, shirts, rugs, and more.

The reason why Drake mentioned it is because he is partnered with Stake.

Stake is an online casino that’s headquartered in Curaçao and is operated by Medium Rare NV.

Multiple Twitch and Kick live streamers say “I need a max win” when they are live streaming Stake.

Anita Max Wynn original meme

The Anita Max Wynn original meme originated from one of Drake’s live streams on Kick.

In the live stream, he pulled out a cap and said, “This is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn” in a “zesty” voice.

The cap includes a nerdy-looking character with sparkles and dollar signs.

Anita Max Wynn is a reference to people wanting to win big on the online gambling site, Stake.

According to @devseb on YouTube, he said that @createdbyseol is the creator of the Anita Max Wynn cap.

The cap was then given to Drake at the Miami show and he did a stream with it afterwards.

Drake is always known for being “zesty” because of the way he talks and acts sometimes.

The clip went viral because of how zesty the way Drake said “This is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn”.

On TikTok, the clip of Drake saying that phrase got over 30 million views and over 4 million likes.

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