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You Need a Hug Meme

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“You need a hug” is a sound effect that went viral on TikTok.

Here’s the full dialogue, “You need a hug!” followed by “Can you let go now?”.

And, “Do you feel better?” followed by “No” and “Then it hasn’t kicked in yet”.

Couples are taking over the trend where the boyfriend will jump on their girlfriend’s back.

This article contains the You Need a Hug meme on TikTok, where it came from, the original video, and more.

You need a hug meme

The You Need a Hug meme involves couples where the boyfriend jumps on their girlfriend’s back.

The trend went viral because of its unexpectedness.

Instead of the girlfriend jumping on their boyfriend’s back, it’s the other way around.

Many TikTok couples taking part in the trend include girlfriends who are much smaller than their boyfriends.

What’s surprising is that they can hold their boyfriend’s weight on their back—which requires a significant amount of strength to accomplish.

The trend is about showing how smooth and effortless a guy can get on their girl’s back—as though they are defying gravity.

You need a hug original video

The You Need a Hug original video comes from Migration (2023 film).

In the clip, Gwen Mallard dashes toward Dax Mallard and hugs him.

Dax Mallard: “Gwen, you scared me”.

Gwen Mallard: “You look mad. You need a hug!”.

Dax Mallard: “No Gwen, I don’t need a hug”.

Gwen Mallard: “Don’t fight it! It’ll make you feel better!”.

Dax Mallard: “Can you let go now?”.

Gwen Mallard: “Do you feel better?”.

Dax Mallard: “No”.

Gwen Mallard: “Then it hasn’t kicked in yet”.

The clip was posted by @migrationmovie on TikTok and got over 8 million views.

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