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Microsoft May Bring AI Writing Assistance Features To Notepad

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Dominic

Microsoft is reportedly testing artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistance features on one of its oldest built-in apps, Notepad, for Windows 11.

Microsoft May Bring AI Writing Assistance Features To Notepad

While the Redmond giant hasn’t officially confirmed the feature, well-known Windows code enthusiast “PhantomOcean3” has discovered a new ChatGPT-4 powered feature called ‘Cowriter’ in Microsoft’s Windows 11 edition of Notepad, with the version number 11.2312.17.0.

PhantomOcean3 also shared the screenshot of the code on his X (formerly Twitter) account that shows a new menu selection called “Cowriter” with options such as “Rewrite,” “Make shorter,” “Make longer,” “Change tone,” and “Change format.”


Other Windows testers have even found a hero image hidden in the Notepad build, suggesting what its new Notepad Cowriter interface may look like. In the app package folder of Notepad, file names with prefixes like ‘CoWriterCreditLimitDialog,’ ‘CoWriterDropDownButton,’ and ‘CoWriterWaitlistDialog’ indicate that these functionalities might be part of the new feature’s user interface (UI).


Although the AI features aren’t operational yet, Microsoft is actually working to bring AI integration to the Notepad app on Windows 11 soon. Also, there is a chance that these features could be turned on sometime in the near future and made available to testers in the Windows Insider Program.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been regularly updating the Notepad app within the Windows 11 OS by adding tabs, a dark mode, a character count in the status bar, an autosave option, automatic restoration of tabs, and even a virtual fidget spinner.